Moleskin, 24-Hr Foot Relief, Foot Pain No More


Perfect for All Day and All Night Foot Relief. 2 Rolls Included


Foot Pain Relief Product, Moleskin For Feet, Foot Support

FOOT PAIN RELIEF Products Must Be Purchased From A Company With Decades Invested Into Foot Pain Relief; That’s Health and Household

MOLESKIN, 2-ROLLS Included of the Finest Heavy Duty Foot Tape In America

EXTRA DURABLE MOLESKIN TAPE – 2″ x 5 Yard Roll – Highest Quality Anti Blister Tape for men or women. LATEX FREE PRODUCT by Health and Household, Your One Stop for Health, Supplement and Medical Needs; COMPENSATE FOR BALANCE LOSS – Improve the Function of the Foot, Lessen Trauma and Swelling, Increase Ankle or Foot Support, Protect from Friction, Pressure and Shearing Forces, Cushion Sensitive Areas and Relieve Yourself from Pain.

NO MORE BLISTERS – YOUR FEET WILL THANK YOU – Perfect for Customized Padding for any Injured Area, Making or Refreshing Splints and Cast Lining, Preventing and Soothing Blisters, Corns & Calluses and Many Other Uses

100% COTTON MOLESKIN – Premium Adhesive Protection, Dancers, Hiking An All You Need Blister Kit; BLISTER PREVENTION FOR SHOES – Flesh colored moleskin padding strong material. moleskin bandage with a comfortable feel. SHIFT WEIGHT AWAY From Problematic Areas Due to Sesamoids, Metatarsal Head Injuries, Bunions, Hammertoes and Prominences and Disperse Body Weight When Placed in the Right Area.


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